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Patients using whole food supplements have had significant health improvements and progress, as opposed to supplements that are processed and widely sold in any pharmacy or specialty vitamin store. The vast majority of supplements we use are obtained from foods that are organically grown on a farm in Wisconsin. The founder of one of our most used supplements believed that, "The quality of a whole food supplement is dependent on the quality of the manufacturing process."

Have you ever used an herbal medicine and failed to experience the proclaimed benefits?  In the United States, herbs are not regulated by the government.  There are many ways in which quality can affect herbal medicine:

-Do you have the correct species?
-Did the company use the correct part of the plant?
-Was the proper process used to extract the therapeutic part of the plant?
-Is there enough helpful compounds?
-Are there any toxins? 

At WholeBody Solutions we use herbs imported from a company in Australia which exquisitely caters to these details along with quality issues. Unlike the United States, Australian Government heavily regulates the superiority of Herbs that are distributed. We want our clients to receive only the best products for best results, consistently.

Are derived from food
Created below 112 degrees F, so the enzymes are alive
Have a limited shelf life
Contain all of the nutrients required by our body to meet the needs of our cells

At WholeBody Solutions we utilize a very specific technique called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) or muscle testing to customize exactly what nutrients your body needs to attain optimal health.



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