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Migraine Headaches and Digestive Issues

Acupuncture changed my life...and that's not a loose statement.

I was referred to Abram Ojure by a business client of mine. In her last email to me about acupuncture the closing line was, "GO SEE ABRAM!"  So, I quit bugging her with questions and excuses and made my appointment. I had never met anyone that had done acupuncture besides her, and I had no clue what I was in for.  

The reason my client referred me to acupuncture was because for 10 years (I'm 28, so since I was 18) I was suffering from terrible, horrible, knock down, drag out headaches. None of the migraine medicines worked, none of the countless other drugs, like anti-depressants worked either. I kept getting sicker. In March of 2013 I got a migraine that lasted over 3 weeks. Every day I woke up and went to bed with a headache. I had been to the ER, hospital, doctors office, gym, yoga classes, nutritionists, & nothing calmed this crazy inflammation of my brain! On top of the headaches, I was having severe digestive problems, acne, joint pain, muscle pain, my whole body just ached. I felt 80 and I was 27! In 10 years the doctors have NOT been able to pin down the cause of my symptoms, and treat every ailment separately.

When I met Abram, I instantly felt comfortable. He made me feel OK, even when I had to talk about my stools.... (Haha, Its a part of life, and a major part of healing.)

I jokingly call acupuncture magic. Because when morphine and all of the drugs the doctors pump me full of DO NOT ALLEVIATE my headaches, but a couple of needles do... it feels magical.

The fact of the matter is, Acupuncture, is anything but magic. Its an ancient form of healing. There is more science behind acupuncture than what many people know. I have no clue how it works, but there is mucho science to back it up. Traditional Chinese Medicine... look it up.

Since meeting Abram, I have tried other acupuncturists. While everyone of them has been a person that I easily connected too... I feel that Abram has a special gift. I feel like he is doing a job he is passionate about, and it comes through in his work/healings. I have been a patient of Abram for a year now, and my life has changed dramatically.... all for the good. Sure, I still get headaches, here and there... (my headaches are caused by allergies to food, metals, and environmental stuff). BUT! my headaches are controlled, and rarely last longer than an hour. Abram has taught me how to 'chill out' and helped to show me how to release a lot of the anxiety in my life. Not only have we conquered our goal; which was to eliminate headaches, but because of him I have made other extraordinary leaps and bounds. Acupuncture & Abram have allowed me to enjoy my life! ----and yes, it does work for everyone... even if you don't believe.  You can ask my alpha male, cop, republican, straight-edged ex boyfriend. He see's Abram too.

The office staff is amazing.
Everyone is so kind. It's never hard to get an appointment.
If your insurance does not cover it, they will work with you. (Mine doesn't)



At age 29, after about a year and a half of trying to have a baby, I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. My FSH was elevated at 17 and I had had 2 failed cycles of IVF. After my second failed IVF I went to a reproductive specialist in Boston for a second opinion, who told me he had NOTHING to offer me! He said that I should consider using donor eggs or adoption, and that I had a less than 5% chance of ever conceiving a child of my own.  Heartbroken and desperate I came to Abram at Wholebody Solutions to see if acupuncture could help. My husband and I were not ready to give up on the dream of having a child.

The minute I met Abram he put my mind at ease, he was very confident from the start that he could help me (I was not feeling quite as positive as he was after so much disappointment- but I appreciated his confidence after essentially being turned away from the other Dr.).  We started once weekly treatments and Abram prescribed custom Chinese herbal supplements for me. Over the next few months we started to see real changes in my body. He explained that part of my problem was that I was ovulating too early- on day 11 causing immature eggs (something no medical doctor had ever addressed- fertility meds were just making me produce a greater quantity of immature eggs- but doing nothing for the quality of them!). Over the next few months I ovulated on day 12, then 13, then 15!- it was so amazing to see the changes right there in front of me! I then went to get my FSH rechecked and in just a few months it had dropped over 5 points (11.8)! The changes were undeniable. We decided that I was ready to start my next IVF cycle.

One of the challenging things about IVF is the lack of control over the timing of when you will need to go in for retrieval and transfers- and it just so happened that during this crucial week that we had been working towards for so long, Abram was going to be out of the office after the birth of his own baby. He went far above and beyond anything I EVER would have asked of him and made time for me during his time off to schedule a treatment. It was such a testament to how much Abram cares about his patients. The cycle was a success and I am now 16 weeks pregnant!

6 months ago my husband and I were faced with the very real possibility of never having children, we are now expecting our first child and I know that it is because of Abram. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He never once made me feel like a lost cause, which is exactly what I felt like before I came to him. I will forever be grateful to him and am hoping that anyone who is struggling with infertility will read this, not lose hope, and go to see Abram.  I only wish that I had known to go see him first and I think I would have been saved a lot of heartache!

Sciatic Pain and Stomach Issues

Went to see Abram for sciatic pain and stomach issues.  I had never been to an acupuncturist previously, and was quite nervous.  I was immediately impressed by his range of knowledge and overall manner.  Not only was my sciatic pain relieved, but he also really helped my stomach issue.  After my experience I recommended him to my mother, and sister.  Both have had fantastic results from Abram and Dr. Ann.  Dr Ann helped my mother with pain management and my sister with some pretty major health issues as well.  I would highly recommend both of them.  :)

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

I have a chronic, debilitating condition from a car accident that occurred more than 20 years ago and have excruciating pain in my neck, shoulders and back that comes-and-goes. I have tried weekly massage therapy, stretching and PT, but that would only give me temporary relief and leave me frustrated. I had heard about acupuncture and that it can alleviate pain and can do wonders, so I began to search for an acupuncturist near my place of employment.

Upon searching, I came across Abram's yelp page and reviews and was completely convinced that he would be able to help me based on the feedback he received from his other patients. After contacting Abram, he worked right away to get me into his office for a consultation. Abram has the unique ability to make you feel like you are his one and only patient. He is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. After my very first visit, I was a believer in the holistic approach and am now convinced that I am in good hands with Abram's care! I know it will take time due to the nature of my injury, but I am confident that by visiting Abram on a frequent basis, my flare-ups will begin to diminish and resurface far less often.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Abram - he is passionate about his work and about helping his patients get on the road to overall well-being. I created a yelp account only so that I could share all the great things I have found in Abram with everyone so that someone else can benefit from his work and perhaps painful flare-ups, or even surgery! You will not be disappointed after seeing Abram - that I am 100% confident in saying!!!

Back Injury

I'm super picky about my acupuncturists - and I've had quite a few, so I know the awesome from the not-so-awesome.

First of all, Abram is just super cool - easygoing, fun to talk to, and just puts you at ease. You want someone who is going to listen and talk with you - and not push you out the door, and he's it.

Second, I've come in with back injuries, foot injuries (I'm a klutz), and an ongoing eye issues.  Acupuncture healed my back in like two sessions and my foot injury in one session.  My ongoing eye issue is far more complicated, but due to his ongoing care and his prescription of herbs (I love them!), it's gotten much better.  I've also made lifestyle changes due to his advice - more sleep, more greens, etc.  

Finally, needles don't hurt.  They really don't.  So, if you've been battling with Western medicine for too long, take a stroll to the Eastern side with Abram - you won't be disappointed.


I have been seeing Abram for acupuncture for a few months now and have seen such a huge improvement in my migraines, energy levels and stomach issues. He is patient, caring, very knowledgeable and a great listener. I have been prescribed many different medications over the years but acupuncture (as well as herb's recommended by Abram) has worked better than anything from my doctor.  He also takes time to suggest and educate me on other lifestyle changes I should make to feel my best.

While everyone's needs will be unique, I would highly recommend Abram to anyone that may be considering acupuncture.  I have complete faith in his practice and I'm very grateful for his knowledge and treatments.

Nerve Pain

I have had chronic debilitating nerve pain that I have been treating with western medicine to no avail.  I found Abram Ojure and he worked immediately to get me in for a consult.  He worked behind the scenes to get certified for my insurance, United Health, and set up a treatment plan.  He listened, researched, and continually adjust my treatment plan of acupuncture and herbs.   Many results were immediate, but many more were subtle.  I have had to miss a few appointments due to work and the resulting discomfort has proven the cause effect of his expert treatment plans.  
I have and will continue to refer him to anyone and everyone who needs help.  He has a great breadth of knowledge and knows how to place the needles.  

Great Doctor and I am happy to have met him.  He is now working more directly with my primary, GI and Pain Care doctors to manage my health with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.



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