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Herbs & Supplements

At WholeBody Solutions, we use the highest quality herbs and supplements derived from organically harvested whole foods.

Compared to processed supplements available at most pharmacies or specialty vitamin stores. WholeBody Solutions uses supplements obtained from organically grown foods produced by a farm in Wisconsin. To achieve the best results, we use a very specific cutting-edge technique known as Nutrition Response Testing. This method is designed to precisely identify the ideal support your body requires, so you can achieve optimal health.

What exactly are Whole Food Supplements?

As its name suggests, whole food supplements are made out of concentrated whole foods. These supplements contain vitamins that are not isolated – instead, they are within complex structures which combine antioxidants, enzymes, coenzymes, activators, trace elements, and other undiscovered factors. All of these work together harmoniously, maximizing the vitamin complex’s effect on your body.

An important feature of holistic nutrition is the incorporation of natural or whole foods, which are foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. Whole foods, such as whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits, retain their rich fiber content, as well as their wealth of nutrients and phytochemicals that are largely lost when food is processed.

Holistic Nutrition helps:
Weight management Digestive disorders Back pain Chronic fatigue
Depression Anxiety PMS Infertility
Menopause Hormonal imbalance Migraine Common cold
Allergies ADD/ADHD And more…

Nutrients within whole food supplements cannot be separated and isolated, but instead, should remain within the whole complex for it to create an ideal effect on the body.

Supplements and vitamins based on whole food sources are widely considered the healthiest options. Other types of supplements contain additional chemicals, colorings, and preservatives which our bodies do not need, and can even be harmful in some cases. Thus, the best approach when choosing supplements and vitamins is to look for varieties based on whole food supplements.

Dr. Ann and her staff are experts in selecting and suggesting whole food supplements for patients using their unique and personalized testing.

Our Herbs

WholeBody Solutions offers herbs which are imported from an Australian company known for their stringent quality control measures. Unlike the US, the Australian Government imposes strict measures to ensure the superiority of herbs distributed around their country. We offer herbs directly from Australia because we want our clients to have access to only the best products, so they can enjoy the best results.

Herbal supplements consist of herbs which have active ingredient compounds that offer positive effects on specific organs and tissues within the body.

Herbs used in herbal nutrition supplements are typically available in three main forms, such as powdered or whole herb, herb extracts, and standardized extracts from the herb.

WholeBody Solutions can help you with choosing the best herbs and supplements, so your body can reach its full potential. Get in touch with us today at 617-328-6300.