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Meet Dr. Ann Doggett of WholeBody Solutions in Quincy

Wholebody Solutions was featured in the Boston Voyager Magazine!

“WholeBody Solutions is a holistic wellness center for all ages. We focus on all-natural, drug-free remedies for our patients. Our practices include: nutrition, chiropractic, weight loss, acupuncture, brain integration and more. We customize health regimes for each patient. There’s no such thing as cookie cutter solve at WholeBody. We treat every patient and every health challenge individually. We test, re-test and get to the bottom of what is causing a health challenge. If a patient has digestive issues we don’t just give him/her a supplement and send them on their way. We investigate why this patient is having this discomfort.

We’re known for helping so many different health challenges. From female related, to digestive, weight management, back pain and more. Whatever the health challenge, we keep investigating until we find the core and treat our patients with love and respect all along the way. Our patients are our family. They’re an extension of us. You feel it the minute you walk through our door at WholeBody….”

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