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Finding Health And Happiness During Hard Times With Dr. Ann Doggett

Dr. Ann Doggett offers advice and tips to stay healthy and emotionally strong on “Shot@Love” with Kerry Brett. We all are looking for alternative ways to stay healthy and feel our best during this national health crisis. You can listen to the full episode here. Kerry Brett and Dr. Ann Doggett cover a lot of ground and topics including:

  • How to look and feel your best during hard times.
  • The degree of difficulty in accepting this new normal.
  • Advice on staying balanced.
  • How to manage fear and anxiety in uncertain times.
  • How to put our best foot forward with supplements that improve our health.
  • Fear is our powerful alley.
  • How to find your inner confidence while dating.
  • Tips for managing depression.
  • Tools and supplements to help insomnia.
  • Advice for losing the Quarantine 15 if you’ve gained weight during COVID-19.

Full Episode Here