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Suzanne Falco

Suzanne Falco is a Holistic Health Coach and a graduate of Bridgewater State University (1984) and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2010). Since graduating in 2010, Suzanne has counseled patients in nutrition at several South Shore medical offices in addition to working for WBZ radio as a nutrition expert, working on the set of a television pilot as a holistic caterer, and taking care of her six children and four grandchildren.

Suzanne is a passionate advocate in the recovery community since the passing of her son Bo, who died in 2008 after struggling with addiction and depression. She has been a voice for other parents who have had to deal with this disease and has worked diligently to combat the stigma of addiction by hosting speakers at South Shore schools and providing interventions to families when needed.

Suzanne is the President of and holistic nutrition counselor for the Bo Foundation which offers services to young people in recovery, including summer evening leadership camps.

Suzanne is highly skilled, seasoned nutritionist, who believes in whole foods as a way to support the body towards healing and wholeness. She helps guide clients to optimal health and wellness through proper individualized nutritional counseling and supplementation. Suzanne also writes a weekly recipe column for the Quincy Sun.